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Newbie aarondc
Registered: ‎02-10-2019

100 bytes of data

Is my estimation of how much DB space my account would take up.

Why Xilinx feel the need to threaten deletion of your account if you don't log in for a year is beyond me. It costs you nothing to keep the account. 100 bytes at best.

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Registered: ‎06-14-2010

Re: 100 bytes of data

Hello @aarondc,

Please note that our system does the scan and if any user who hasn't logged in to Xilinx.com for over a year, this Xilinx.com profile gets automatically removed. This is Xilinx policy and there is nothing that can be done here else-how (unless you visit and log in to Xilinx.com at least once year). 

However, even if your old profile was deleted, please not that all of your licensing entitlements (if you've purchased any licenses before) are still there, these are not getting removed and will be stored for you permanently in our system.

To get all of your licensing entitlements back (if any), please create a new/fresh Xilinx.com profile with the exact User ID and email address.

If you decide to choose a new User ID and/or a new email address for your profile, you can raise an Electronic Fulfillment SR with Xilinx Customer Service team (by logging in to https://www.xilinx.com/support.html#serviceportal -> LICENSING), asking them to re-assign all of your entitlements (licenses) to your new Xilinx.com profile. They will then be able re-add these back to your new profile.

Hope the above is clear. If you need any further clarification from my side, please let me know.

Kind Regards,
Anatoli Curran,
Xilinx Technical Support
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