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Registered: ‎11-10-2016

Booting linux on CPU0 and free rtos on CPU1 on Zynq board

We are using Xilinx vivado and XSDK design tools Version 2016.2. Installed petalinux tools version 2016.2, downloaded from below link.

And I have installed petalinux bsp's downloaded from the same link.


For the petalinux installation followed the document


For XSDK setup referred XSDK Setup section from the document



And in the XSDK we have installed petalinux plugin from the link -


How to boot Linux (CPU1) and freertos(CPU2)?



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Registered: ‎12-02-2016



I also followed all the documents that listed by you and also the instruction given in the Chapter 3 of the UG1186.

Tried steps given in the following blogs


Not able to successfully load the cpu1(FreeRTOS). 

I am able to create a linux project and debug using TCF agent.

What procedure needs to be followed for this why no updated document from the Xilinx?


@customer support: Please answer to these questions, so that i can decide to consider the ZC702 for the product development or not


1. Is 2016.2 tested for AMP, if yes why no straight answer answer available in this website?


2. Is ZC702 support both the CPU0 (Linux) + CPU1 (freertos) or not?

3. Images (Pre-built) that are downloaded from the link mentioned in the UG1186 is also not booting cpu1?



Support Related:

1. Why no reply or suggestion even after 10 days over? What is the lead time to answer any question raised in the blog?

2. Is there any escalation procedure if it is not answered?

3. How do i contact experts from xilinx to get my questions answered directly? Is there any direct live chat or phone with the support team for quick solution for the customer?


We have finalized ZC702 as the core for our product development and hardware development also complete.

Before proceeding with PCB fabrication we want to check whether basic system works or not found this issue.


It will great if i get answer to the above question?


Thanks & Best Regards,


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