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Registered: ‎12-04-2015

Build issue kali linux rootfs for zynq zc702: Unable to login

I am trying to port kali linux to xilinx zynq zc702 board as per the following link, with a difference that i want to use kali rootfs instead of ubuntu rootfs.

I am directly using the precompiled boot partition given on the above link.

The boot partition contains BOOT.BIN, uImage & devicetree.dtb

Instead of using the linaro ubuntu rootfs,
I cross-compiled kali rootfs with the following script:


But, I am unable to login to the system with default username/password: root/toor
Here is the serial console output.


Please help whether I need to modify kernel options or rootfs partition needs some extra configuration parameters. Is anything missing in the kali root file system?

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