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Registered: ‎08-04-2014

DP83867 1.8V VIL Issue

We are interfacing ZYNQ XC7Z030-1FBG676I with DP83867IRPAPT High Immunity 10/100/1000 Ethernet Physical Layer Transceiver.
DP83867 Ethernet PHY ' IO support is 3.3V/2.5V/1.8V level.

PFA DC Analysis .  The above , 1.8V DC analysis that is not compatible for ZYNQ and DP83867 under 1.8V (VOL and VIL condition ) interface.
Now , we changed to 3.3V between  ZYNQ and Ethernet PHY in the given information .

Interface detail:
1. ZYNQ - VCCO_MIO1_501 is connected to 3.3V DC and DP83867 Ethernet PHY ' Input/Output lines  is 3.3V.
2. PS_MIO_VREF_501 and PS_MIO16_501 to PS_MIO53_501 are 3.3V level.

Now , We read it in user guide document : " ug865-Zynq-7000-Pkg-Pinout" page no: 12.
It is mention that " For PS_MIO_VREF :  Voltage reference for the MIO interface. When the MIO
interface is configured for RGMII, set to 0.9V with VCCO_MIO1 at 1.8V. In any other case, tie to VCCO_MIO1 or
leave floating" .

We have some questions.
1. For RGMII mode , Shall we connect 3.3V signal to PS_MIO_VREF and PS_MIO16_501 to PS_MIO53_501 signal lines?
2. For RGMII mode is support 1.8V only?

Kindly give your suggestion as early as possible.

Thanks and regards,
Veeranarayanan R

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