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Registered: ‎12-19-2016

Ethernet communication (spartan 3a dsp fpga 1800a -UG454 evaluation board)


   i am trying to implement ethernet transmision from our FPGA board to pc .  i done the following

1. I create "Trimode ethernet mac ip".

2.I created bit file of example design file (vhdl file) without doing any modification in both program as well as its generated ucf.

3. i found the generated ucf is having different pin location than the specified pin in schematic.

 these are the doubts for me to clarify


1. how i get the mac address of board. the board is not having any specification about its mac.

2. i am not using any soft processor. so may i able to sent a single packet of udp data from board to pc as starting step?

3. what is the starting step for ethernet transmission

4. How i set ip address?

5. what are the changes that i have to do in address swap module?



i am thankful if you are replying me with details of all of my doubts.





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