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Registered: ‎10-23-2018

Ever wonder how rare a ‘Rank’ is? (2020 update)

Back in 2018, I did some analytics on the forum on this topic as a New Years appreciation for all those who participate in making this forum a vibrant and useful resource. Since then, I have felt like the interaction has increased, and with 2020 being what it was I wanted some positive news

There indeed appears to be more people contributing, providing feedback, giving kudos, … and this is borne out by the moving up in ranks.

So here are the updated rank counts… There are…

1 Guide
1 Historian
1 Curator
1 Professor
2 Instructors
6 Teachers
6 Advisors
5 Mentors
41 Scholars
35 Voyagers
318 Explorers
526 Adventurers
553 Contributors
365 Participants
1456 Observers
3220+ Visitors

Wherever you are in the journey, thank you for your participation in the community.

Again, A special thanks to those folks that have showed a consistent effort, and supplied the lion share of the answers.

Happy 2020

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