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Ever wonder which rank least likely to give Kudos?

Ever wonder which rank least likely to give Kudos?

Thanks for your questions (name withheld)… It helps me think of posts that ‘may’ have wider appeal to others as well.

Let me put a positive twist on your question, that may help to promote forum interaction (and not to point fingers for past behavior)…

Statistically, (answer to your first question, yes, I have done some statistical analysis on the forum data), I would say it turns out this way…

A ‘Visitor’ that has not already provided ‘reward’ interaction (e.g. a Kudo, or a solution accepted), are more likely to continue in that trend. (Since I think all it takes to get beyond a Newbie, is just asking more questions, it doesn’t reinforce the pattern of rewarding and/or closing open issues.)

A ‘Newbie’ can go either way… and since they don’t have a history, the behavior is not predictable. Since they are new to the forums, they simply may not know about them, and the fact that it helps. BTW, Some Newbies simply create an account, ask a question, and never again log in.

That being said, we would not want to paint all that share a rank with the same brush. Everyone has to pass through the lower ranks, so we should probably not try to prejudge whether or not we will get some ‘reward’.

Additionally, giving Kudos is not ‘required’. They are a nicety. An ‘encouraged’ nicety, but giving a large amounts of Kudos is even not ‘required’ (or ‘historically’ was not required) to be given to achieve high ranks. (Although, I would err on the side of being generous, and/or indicating some helpful step forward, while maintaining the ‘value’ of the Kudo)

Hope that answers your second question.

P.S. And for your third question. No, I am not a Xilinx employee.

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Re: Ever wonder which rank least likely to give Kudos?

Hello @xilinxacct,

Thanks for sharing this info. This will definitely clear things up for other users with the similar question. Have a nice day.

Kind Regards,
Anatoli Curran,
Xilinx Technical Support
Don’t forget to reply, kudo, and accept as solution.
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