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Registered: ‎11-09-2015

Frequently Asked Questions - Welcome and Join


Frequently Asked Questions - Welcome and Join


Q1. What questions should be ask in the Welcome and Join Board?

A1. The Welcome and Join board is a place to introduce yourself and get acquainted with the community. It’s also a great place to provide feedback on your Community Forums experience or ask question about the forum features. This is not the correct place for Technical Questions. Please search our community or browse our technical categories. (Refer to the Welcome and Join Board Guidelines)

Q2. When I try to download a tool or a document I get the following message:
We cannot fulfill your request as your account has failed export compliance verification
What can I do?

A2. You should start by reading the recommendations from AR#44043.

If you still have issues, in order for your profile to be reset and cleared, please send an email to Xilinx Customer Support ( indicating your "export compliance issue" and they in turn will contact Xilinx Customer Service on your behalf, who would be able to screen and verify your profile and re-activate this then, so that you can login and download the required software without issues.

Q3. Is it possible to change my Xilinx User ID which appears on the forum?

Yes. Please send a support request to change username to:

Q4. Each time I create a new post, I need to select manually "Email me when someone replies" in the Subscription section. What setting should I change to have this option selected automatically?

You can enable this feature in your Forum User Settings (Click on your username > My settings). In the Subscriptions & Notifications tab, go to the Notification Settings part and enable Automatically subscribe me to all topics or reviews I participate in



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