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Registered: ‎10-14-2015

Match IO pins from Zedboard to Kintex7 for HDMI

Hello to everyone,


I have a project on Zedboard which drives the ADV7511 HDMI encoder directly from the PL fabric. The code is set up to display red, black, green, white and blue colour bars.
See here :

I want to integrate this project on Kintex7 which uses also the ADV7511. I have made the changes to clock input because Zedboard Clock input was 100Mhz and Kintex7 is 200Mhz. But I still have a problem on screen.


I think the problem is in the mapping of pins. I submit the XDC I use. It might be a problem with the pins beacuse HDMI_DATA on Kintex7 is 18bit and on Zedboard is 16bit.


Can anyone help me?


Thanks in advance!

Fotis Pegios
Senior Undergraduate Student
Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering
Technical University of Crete, Greece
Tel.: (0030) 694 464 7289
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