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Registered: ‎07-14-2016

RGB24 to LVDS signal conversion using FPGA

Hello Everyone


I would like your help in the problem I am facing. 

I am designing a display driver board using a xilinx artix7 series fpga. The board TE0712 (200-2C) is the board that I am designing by myself according to the requirement. 

Here i am using a HDMI receiver ADV7619 so as to take the hdmi input and the IC gives RGB signal out. The project requires to support RGB signal as well as LVDS signal in case if displays with different specs are interfaced. Pulling out the rgb signal doesn't seem to be a big deal but I am not understanding how would the fpga convert the incoming rgb signal  to LVDS OUT. 

Here I have also thought of doing something like pin multiplexing, for e.g. the fpga will know which signal needs to be given out and configure accordingly.

Do I need any other device/component for this? Or possible by programming the FPGA? 


Thank you. 

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Registered: ‎06-16-2013

Hi patilruchi70


I'd like to make sure your design spec.
Here is my understanding.
Is it correct ?


- FPGA Design requeirement
    Input : RGB24bit@LVTTL or LVCMOS33 from HDMI receiver
    Output: LVDS 4+1ch@LVDS to some receiver


If yes, could you refer "XAPP585" ?
This document is helpful for you.


Thank you.
Best regards,

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Registered: ‎07-14-2016



Thank you for the link that i could refer. 

Your understanding is correct, as my focus is signal conversion via fpga, this document should help. 



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