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Observer linan20202
Registered: ‎09-15-2014

SP605 Northwest Logic DMA licence problem

The doc ug665  mentioned that  [SP605 Northwest Logic DMA Core] can be licenced from here




after logging, as the doc specified, one should see this:



I found some differences in the page. though, i found there is a window named

                               "add evaluation and no chagres cores to product table"


However, i didn't find any item like "NWL x1 Packet DMA backend core", please help me in this regard.




we really need to know how to licence the NWL Packet DMA backend core


our design is based ISE12.1 or ISe12.2


and the SP605 TRD version is also based on ISE12.1 or ISe12.2


The evaluated version of the netlist file and the interface .v file are also attatched as reference


Their original file names are:   dma_back_end_pkt.ngc & dma_back_end_pkt.v


Thanks ~~


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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎04-16-2012

Re: SP605 Northwest Logic DMA licence problem

Hi @linan20202


Can you share the "Create New Licenses" tab snapshot once you login to your Xilinx Licensing account here.

Also which account are you using? Did you redeem the voucher that you received with the kit?




Have you tried typing your question in Google? If not you should before posting. Also, MARK this is as an answer in case it helped resolve your query/issue.Give kudos to the post that helped you to find the solution.
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Observer linan20202
Registered: ‎09-15-2014

Re: SP605 Northwest Logic DMA licence problem

dear Vinay:

after logging in, first i get this page:


after clicking    "search now"


i get this:



among which, none of items like "NWL DMA backend core" is listed ~~


By the way, if i am supposed to buy one SP605 before fully licencing the  NWL DMA backend core,

ofcourse i will order one


1, how can i order one SP605 dev kit

2, how can i pay for it

3, i am in Beijing, China (university student, interests include consumer electronics etc), how long can i get the board after the payment


4, once i purchase the board, how can i get the licence file, or activate the IP core "dma_back_end_pkt.ngc"


NOTE:  The design should be based on ISE 12.1 or ISE12.2, as specified by the doc : XAPP492 (v1.0) June 23, 2010


u can get it from the attachment

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