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Registered: ‎11-07-2016

Synthesis (Top Level Function Warnings)

Hi there,

I am new in HLS and i have some synthesis' problems. I am asking for help because i have no idea what to do to solve me issues. I hope that someone can help me.

I have a top level function full of pointers to a class. I understand that i have to remove them to synthesis my code bud i don't know the way.

This is my code:


class triangle{
triangle *child[3];
//triangle *Locate(int);
Edge *startingEdge; //from triangle class
int a, b, c;
triangle(int a, int b, int c);


class Edge{
Edge *nextedge; // next edge on the same face in ccw
Edge *dualedge; // dual edge of this edge
triangle *leftface; // pointer to the left face
triangle *rightface;
int origin;
int dest; // origin and destination points on the edge
int num;

class triplet{
Edge *e[3];

void InsertSite(triangle *start,int x){           // Top level function
triangle *t= mylocate(start,x);

triplet *edges = new triplet();
triplet *dualedges = new triplet();

for(int i=0;i<3;++i){
edges->e[i] = new Edge();
dualedges->e[i] = new Edge();
edges->e[i]->dualedge = dualedges->e[i];
dualedges->e[i]->dualedge = edges->e[i];
edges->e[i]->origin = x;
edges->e[i]->num = i;

Edge *se[3];
se[0] = t->startingEdge;
se[1] = se[0]->nextedge;
se[2] = se[1]->nextedge;

// setting the destination of new edges
for(int i=0;i<3;++i){
edges->e[i]->dest = se[i]->origin;
edges->e[i]->nextedge = se[i];
if(edgematrix[edges->e[i]->dest][edges->e[i]->origin] != '1'){
edgematrix[edges->e[i]->dest][edges->e[i]->origin] = '1';
edgematrix[edges->e[i]->origin][edges->e[i]->dest] = '1';

// correct the face cycles
se[0]->nextedge = edges->e[1]->dualedge;
se[1]->nextedge = edges->e[2]->dualedge;
se[2]->nextedge = edges->e[0]->dualedge;

// correct the properties of the dual edges

triangle *face[3];
for(int i=0;i<3;++i){
face[i] = new triangle();
face[i]->startingEdge = edges->e[i];
face[i]->a = x;
face[i]->b = edges->e[i]->dest;
face[i]->c = edges->e[i]->nextedge->dest;
t->child[i] = face[i];
edges->e[i]->leftface = face[i];
se[i]->leftface = face[i];
if(se[i]->dualedge != NULL)
se[i]->dualedge->rightface = face[i];

// correcting the right faces
for(int i=0;i<3;++i){
edges->e[i]->rightface = face[(i+2)%3];
dualedges->e[i]->leftface = edges->e[i]->rightface;
dualedges->e[i]->rightface = edges->e[i]->leftface;
Edge *globalstart; // the latest edge which has been added
globalstart = edges->e[2];

edgecount = edgecount+3;
for(int i=0;i<3;++i)
legalizeedge(x, se[i], face[i]);



I have the following warnings:


CRITICAL WARNING: [SYNCHK 200-11] pcd_triangulation/pcd_triangulation.cpp:105: Argument 'start' of function 'InsertSite' (pcd_triangulation/pcd_triangulation.cpp:526) has an unsynthesizable type (possible cause(s): structure variable cannot be decomposed due to (1) unsupported type conversion; (2) memory copy operation; (3) function pointer used in struct; (4) unsupported pointer comparison).
CRITICAL WARNING: [SYNCHK 200-43] pcd_triangulation/pcd_triangulation.cpp:573: use or assignment of a non-static pointer 't' (this pointer may refer to different memory locations).
CRITICAL WARNING: [SYNCHK 200-11] pcd_triangulation/pcd_triangulation.cpp:116: Variable 't' has an unsynthesizable type 'lass.triangle.25.27.31 = type { [3 x �lass.triangle.25.27...' (possible cause(s): pointer to pointer or global pointer).
CRITICAL WARNING: [SYNCHK 200-42] pcd_triangulation/pcd_triangulation.cpp:116: pointer comparison is not supported.
CRITICAL WARNING: [SYNCHK 200-71] pcd_triangulation/pcd_triangulation.cpp:529: function 'operator new(unsigned long)' has no function body.
CRITICAL WARNING: [SYNCHK 200-41] pcd_triangulation/pcd_triangulation.cpp:529: unsupported pointer reinterpretation from type 'i8*' to type '�lass.triplet.26.29.32 = type { [3 x �lass.Edge.24.28.30*]...'.
CRITICAL WARNING: [SYNCHK 200-22] pcd_triangulation/pcd_triangulation.cpp:529: memory copy is not supported unless used on bus interface possible cause(s): non-static/non-constant local array with initialization).
CRITICAL WARNING: [SYNCHK 200-61] pcd_triangulation/pcd_triangulation.cpp:43: unsupported memory access on variable which is (or contains) an array with unknown size at compile time.


Thanks in advance

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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎08-01-2008

It seems some of the syntax use by in your code not supported by HLS
Thanks and Regards
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