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Registered: ‎07-07-2015

Using USB-JTAG cable Programing external SPI PROM indirectly from the FPGA


    I have a problem when I creating the .mcs file which use to implementing the quickboot.There have a SPI flash device which type is "S25FL128S",so it  has a 128 M bit storage FPGA is XC7K160T that have 53M bits configuration Bitstream Length.then there seems no problem.but when I use "xilPerl -imagesize 64 top_dts_logic.mcs" batch processing command Generate the quickboot initial image .mcs,the mcs file size is 46,085K bytes.


why the mcs file length is larger than 53M bits???and I failed when I use USB-JTAG cable programing external SPI PROM indirectly from the FPGA .


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