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I am having doubt regarding XADC event mode.

As I have seen from simulation and on KC705 board,

Even if I have configured the XADC in event mode by initializing CONFIG REG 0, XADC goes on continually sampling the external analog inputs prior to applying CONVST. and also after CONVST going low.


which means while I am applynig the CONVST, XADC could already be performing a conversion operation. 


1) In that case what will be the exact sampling instant. will it wait for the current conversion to finish?

2) How can I have that particular value of DO only? i.e. which all signals should I use to capture that particular ADC conversion results only.

If I use a combination of DRDY, Channel and EOC/EOS ...there would be other instances also(prior to and after applyng CONVST).


My requirement is capturing the ADC output for one cycle only i.e while I am applying CONST with no averaging desired.


Any help would be appreciated.




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