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Registered: ‎06-19-2012

XC5VSX95T decoupling capacitor

I am a new FPGA circuit designer. In the 'Virtex-5 FPGA PCB Designer’s Guide'  datasheet,at the page of 18, there is a 'Discrete Substrate Capacitor Specifications' table. In the table, the recommended XC5VSX95T VCCINT  4.7U decoupling capacitor has the Body Size of  0805, and  the type is 8-Terminal Ceramic X7S. According to my understanding, the capacitor is a four capacitors array . What I do not understand is the Body Size, is it means the whole array's size is 0805, or each capacitor size in the array is 0805. I cannot find a 0805  capacitor array that the value is 4.7u.

Looking forward to reply.

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Re: XC5VSX95T decoupling capacitor

Why is this of interest to you?  Table 2-12 describes capacitors which are internally mounted in the FPGA packages (substrates), if my reading is correct.


If you are interested in PCB-mounted capacitors for the XC5VSX95T, your interest should be focused on Table 2-3 and Table 2-11.


-- Bob Elkind

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