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Registered: ‎02-17-2016

problem in communication in zed board between two processors?



   I am new to working with zed board.In my application i need to write to some memory location in one of the arm cores of zed board and the same data has to be read from second arm core of zed board may be from other location. By searching on the net and zynq speedy ways labs  i found that it can be achieved with the help of shared memory of ARM processor.


                                  I successfully generated bit file by using bram and zynq processing system ip core by  the ip integrator feature of vivado. But i am finding difficulty in developing software application? I developed bare metal application for one arm core for writing  and developed bare metal application for second  arm core for reading but the problem i am facing is i am able to write  the data to shared memory location and not able to read the from another arm core?



                        Here i am attaching my software applications.Am I going in the right way or doing some mistakes?

If it is mistake  tell me the mistakes and what are the modifications I have to do? If necessary modify the c codes and reply it to me ASAS.


           Thanks in advance