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"Interesting" search suggestions on the Xilinx forums

Hi @stacias (and everyone else),


Just raising a minor issue that the Xilinx website/forum team might want to have a look at. When you do a search on the Xilinx forums, you sometimes get a search suggestion. Currently this takes what seems like a reasonable Xilinx-related search term ("Zynq is a Virtex" - I was trying to find an old post where someone asked whether they were equivalent) and suggests something utterly meaningless ("zen is a vortex").


Would it be possible to have this function changed so that it actually makes Xilinx-related suggestions? For example, if a user has written "zync" or "zinc" or "zinq", suggest that "Zynq" might be a more suitable term. "vertex" is probably a mis-spelling of "Virtex". I've frequently seen "Artix" mis-spelled as "Atrix", and "Vivado" as "Vivaldo". This seems like something that could well improve results a lot, whereas changing my "Zynq is a Virtex" search to "zen is a vortex" most likely will not... (it did actually find three instances where people wrote "vortex" instead of "virtex").



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Re: "Interesting" search suggestions on the Xilinx forums

Thanks Evan for this feedback. A great thought!

Let me review this with our stakeholders and see whats possible to implement.




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Re: "Interesting" search suggestions on the Xilinx forums

Every so often I'll be asked if I really meant to search for "viva  do".