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Registered: ‎06-22-2017

xilinx_emaclite driver with ioctl support

I have MicroZed with an Ethernet FMC module- I have done the designin vivado and generated the respective DTB in orderto run it with Xilinx. I get the connection to the ethernet doing ping from my computer. However, I have some problems executing ptp4l.


ptp4l[810.030]: selected /dev/ptp0 as PTP clock

ptp4l[810.130]: driver rejected most general HWTSTAMP filter

ptp4l[810.130]: ioctl SIOCSHWTSTAMP failed: Operation not supported

ptp4l[810.200]: port 1: INITIALIZING to FAULTY on INITIALIZE

ptp4l[810.200]: port 0: INITIALIZING to LISTENING on INITIALIZE

ptp4l[810.200]: port 1: link up

ptp4l[810.280]: driver rejected most general HWTSTAMP filter

ptp4l[810.280]: ioctl SIOCSHWTSTAMP failed: Operation not supported

ptp4l[810.350]: port 1: FAULTY to FAULTY on FAULT_CLEARED


I executed the hwstamp_ctl and I get the following:

# ./hwstamp_ctl -i eth0

Device driver does not have support for non-destructive SIOCGHWTSTAMP.


Examining the xilinx_emaclite.c I realised it does not have ioctl function and, therefore, neither SIOCGHWTSTAMP support. Is there any patch or a custom driver available?


Thank you,



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Registered: ‎06-22-2017

I forgot to say that the PHY used is the DP83640. Therefore, the timestamping is done by hardware. Nevertheless, emaclite does not implement the timestamping functions to the dp83640.

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