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$1100, FPGA-based software-defined radio board pranks patrons at sandwich shop by prematurely pinging pagers

Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
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The Ettus Research USRP B210 software-defined radio board has an RF range of 70MHz to 6GHz, which is wide enough coverage to encompass those pagers used by restaurants to summon patrons when their food is ready for pickup. So it’s no surprise that some pranking is going to happen when the Ettus Research staff patronizes a restaurant using an RF paging system. The surprise is how many of them fall for the prank even though they’re sitting at the table with the USRP B210.


Here’s the video:





Ettus Research is located in Santa Clara, California on Patrick Henry Drive and from the exterior shots in the video, the restaurant in question is obviously the Santa Clara Specialty’s Café and Bakery on Bowers Avenue in Santa Clara.


Note: There’s more information about the Ettus Research USRP B210 in a previous blog post, “Low-cost Software-Defined Radio boards employ Analog Devices’ AD9361 RF agile transceiver, Spartan-6 FPGA.”