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$99 FPGA-based Vision and Sensor Hub Dev Board for Raspberry Pi on Indiegogo—but only for the next two days!

Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
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MATRIX Labs bills the $99 MATRIX Creator dev board for the Raspberry Pi, listed on Indiegogo, as a “hardware bombshell.” A more precise description would be and FPGA-accelerated sensor hub sporting a massive array of on-board sensors. It’s a one stop shop for prototyping IoT and industrial IoT (IIoT) devices using the Raspberry Pi board as a base.


Here’s a top-and-bottom photo of the board:


MATRIX Creator Dev Board.jpg


MATRIX Creator dev board for the Raspberry Pi



Note: That square hole in the center of the board allows the Raspberry Pi’s Camera Module to peek through.


Here’s a detailed list of the various components on the MATRIX Creator board and its capabilities:



MATRIX Creator Dev Board Components.jpg



MATRIX Creator dev board Components and Capabilities




Note that one of those components is a Xilinx Spartan-6 LX4 FPGA, which makes a very fine low-cost sensor hub capable of operating in real time. No doubt you’d like to see how the FPGA fits into this board. MATRIX Labs has that covered with this block diagram:



MATRIX Creator Dev Board Block Diagram.jpg



MATRIX Creator dev board Block Diagram




MATRIX Labs has also developed supporting tools and software for the MATRIX Creator dev board including MATRIX OS, MATRIX CV (a computer-vision library), and MATRIX CLI (a sensor-hub application). More software is already being developed.


Unlike many crowd-funded projects, MATRIX Creator is already shipping so you’re assured of getting a board, according to MATRIX Labs, but you only have two days left in the funding period. So check it out now.



MATRIX Creator: IoT Computer Vision Dev Board