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AWS re:Invent show to feature class on using C/C++ to program Amazon’s AWS EC2 F1 cloud-acceleration instance

Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
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Amazon AWS’ re:Invent 2017 takes place in Las Vegas on November 27 through December 1. (Tickets nearly sold out as of today.)  CMP402, a class session during the event, is titled “Accelerate Your C/C++ Applications with Amazon EC2 F1 Instances.” Here’s the verbatim class description:


“The newly introduced Amazon EC2 F1 OpenCL development workflow helps software developers with little to no FPGA experience supercharge their applications with Amazon EC2 F1.  Join us for an overview and demonstration of how to accelerate your C/C++ applications in the cloud using OpenCL with Amazon EC2 F1 instances.  We walk you through the development flow for creating a custom hardware acceleration for a software algorithm.  Attendees get hands-on and creative by optimizing an algorithm for maximum acceleration on Amazon EC2 F1 instances.”


The Amazon AWS EC2 F1 instance gets its acceleration from Xilinx UltraScale+ VU9P FPGAs and the C/C++/OpenCL programming facility is based on SDAccel—Xilinx’s development environment for accelerating cloud-based applications using C, C++, or OpenCL—which became available for the AWS EC2 F1 instance just last month. (See “SDAccel for cloud-based application acceleration now available on Amazon’s AWS EC2 F1 instance.”)


For more information about the Amazon AWS EC2 F1 instance, see: