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Aldec re-programmable network router/switch example is based on the company’s TySOM-2A-7Z030, a Zynq-based dev board

Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
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Aldec recently published a very descriptive example design for a high-performance, re-programmable network router/switch based on the company’s TySOM-2A-7Z030 embedded development board and an FMC-NET daughter card. The TySOM-2A-7Z030 incorporates a Xilinx Zynq Z-7030 SoC. The Zynq SoC’s dual-core Arm cortex-A9 MPCore processor runs the OpenWrt Linux distribution for embedded devices in this design. It’s a favorite for network switch developers. The design employs the programmable logic (PL) in the Zynq SoC to create four 1G/2.5G Ethernet MACs that connect to the FMC-NET card’s four Ethernet PHYs and a 10G Ethernet subsystem that connects to the FMC-NET card’s QSFP+ card cage.


Here’s a block diagram of the design:



Aldec OpenWrt design based on Zynq SoC Block Diagram.jpg 




For more information about the Aldec TySOM-2A dev board, see “Aldec introduces TySOM-2A Embedded Proto Board based on Zynq Z-7030 SoC, demos real-time face-detection ref design.”


For more information about the re-programmable network switch design, please contact Aldec directly.





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