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Avnet places four MiniZed Speedway Design Workshops online—free

Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
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The Avnet MiniZed is an incredibly low-cost dev board based on the Xilinx Zynq Z7007S SoC with WiFi and Bluetooth built in. It currently lists for $89 on the Avnet site. If you’d like a fast start to using this dev board, Avnet is ready to help. As of now, it’s placed four MiniZed Speedway Design Workshops online so that you can learn at your own convenience and your own pace. The four workshops are:



In the Developing Zynq Hardware Speedway, you will be introduced to the single ARM Cortex –A9 Processor core as you explore its robust AXI peripheral set. Doing so you will utilize the Xilinx embedded systems tool set to design a Zynq AP SoC system, add Xilinx IP as well as custom IP, run software applications to test the IP, and finally debug your embedded system.



In the Developing Zynq Software Speedway, you will be introduced to Xilinx SDK and shown how it offers everything necessary to make Zynq software design easy.



From within an Ubuntu OS running within a virtual machine, learn how to install PetaLinux 2017.1 and build embedded Linux targeting MiniZed. In the hands-on labs learn about Yocto and PetaLinux tools to import your own FPGA hardware design, integrate user space applications, and configure/customize PetaLinux.



Using proven flows for SDSoC, the student will learn how to navigate SDSoC. Through hands-on labs, we will create a design for a provided platform and then also create a platform for the Avnet MiniZed. You will see how to accelerate an algorithm in the course lab.




Avnet MiniZed 3.jpg 


Avnet MiniZed Dev Board



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