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Baby you can drive my car: Zynq runs a 5-camera ADAS demo at CAR-ELE in Japan

Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
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The CAR-ELE show for automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers kicked off at Tokyo Big Sight in Japan today and I received this image of an RC car equipped with five video cameras and a Zynq SoC from Naohiro Jinbo at the Xilinx booth:



CAR-ELE 5-camera Zynq demo.jpg 


The image shows a transparent-bodied RC car equipped with the five video cameras facing off against four pedestrians and two other vehicles towards the bottom of the image. You can also see two screen pairs at the top of the booth. The left screen in the rightmost screen pair shows a bird’s-eye view around the RC car. That image is a real-time fusion of the five video streams from the cameras on the RC car. The other screen in the rightmost pair shows real-time object detection in action. Pedestrians are highlighted in bounding boxes. Both screens are generated live by the car’s on-board Zynq SoC and both of these demos rely on the programmable logic in the Zynq SoC to perform the heavy lifting required by the real-time video processing.


This 5-Camera ADAS Development Platform demo is being presented by Xylon, eVS (embedded Vision Systems), and DDC (Digital Design Corp). The demo is based on Xylon’s logiADAK Driver Assistance Kit version 3.1, which extends the functionality of the company’s logiADAK platform to include efficient multi-object classification, encompassing vehicle and cyclist detection in addition to pedestrian detection.



Tokyo Big Sight.jpg



"Tokyo Big Sight at Night" by Masato Ohta from Tokyo, Japan. - Flickr. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Commons


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