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Convert a C-level description of an RS Erasure Codec into hardware with Vivado HLx

Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
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Erasure codes get you out of trouble by allowing you to recover data from a noisy channel or partially erased storage block. If you want to use erasure codes as part of your system’s error-management strategy, you’re going to need an erasure codec, which just happens to be the topic of a new Xilinx Application Note: “Reed-Solomon Erasure Codec Design Using Vivado High-Level Synthesis” (XAPP1273). As the app note states, “RS erasure codec is a computation-intensive task that can take up to 30–40% of the processor run time in a middle-range server.” As they say in the comics, “This looks like a job for programmable logic.”


XAPP1273 shows you how to synthesize an RS Erasure codec starting with a C-level description and then using Xilinx Vivado HLx to translate the design into hardware. The C design of the erasure codec literally becomes IP that can be easily customized for new applications by software engineers.



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