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Digilent’s new $299 Zybo Z7-20 bundle includes free 5Mpixel color camera, SDSoC. It’s a screaming deal (but only for the next 3 weeks)!

Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
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Today, Digilent announced a $299 bundle including its Zybo Z7-20 dev board (based on a Xilinx Zynq Z-7020 SoC), a Pcam 5C 5Mpixel (1080P) color video camera, and a Xilinx SDSoC development environment voucher. (That’s the same price as a Zybo Z7-20 dev board without the camera.) The Zybo Z7 dev board includes a new 15-pin FFC connector that allows the board to interface with the Pcam 5C camera over a 2-lane MIPI CSI-2 and I2C interfaces. (This connector is pin-compatible with the Raspberry Pi’s FFC camera port.) The Pcam 5C camera is based on the Omnivision OV5640 image sensor.




Digilent Zybo Z7-20 Dev Board.jpg 



Digilent has created the Pcam 5C + Zybo Z7 demo project to get you started. The demo accepts video from the Pcam 5C camera and passes it out to a display via the Zybo Z7’s HDMI port. All IP used in the demo including a D-PHY receiver, CSI-2 decoder, Bayer to RGB converter and gamma correction is free and open-source so you can study exactly how the D-PHY and CSI-2 decoding works and then develop you own embedded vision products.


If you want this deal, you’d better hurry. The offer expires February 23—three weeks from today.



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