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Fairwaves’ $199 Embedded 2x2 MIMO SDR module on Crowd Supply pairs Lime’s LMS7002M field-programmable RF Transceiver with Artix-7 FPGA

Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
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Fairwave’s XTRX, a “truly” embedded SDR (software-defined radio) module now up as a Crowd Supply crowdfunding project, manages to pack an entire 2x2 MIMO SDR with an RF tuning range of 30MHz to 3.8GHz into a diminutive Mini PCIe format (30x51mm) by pairing Lime Microsystems’ LMS7002M 2nd-generation field-programmable RF Transceiver with a Xilinx Artix-7 35T FPGA. As of today, the project is 84% funded with 27 days left in the funding period and 317 pledges. The industry-standard Mini PCIe form factor allws you to embed the XTRX SDR module just about anywhere. According to Fairwaves, the XTRX is compatible with all of the popular SDR development tool suites.



Fairwaves XTRX SDR Module.jpg 



Fairwaves’ XTRX 2x2 MIMO SDR Mini PCIe Module




Here’s a block diagram of the XTRX SDR module:



Fairwaves XTRX SDR Module Block Diagram.jpg 


Fairwaves’ XTRX 2x2 MIMO SDR Module Block Diagram




Perhaps even more interesting, here’s a comparison chart that Fairwaves developed to point out the advantages of the XTRX SDR module:



Fairwaves XTRX SDR Module Comparison Chart.jpg 




Need something more complex than a 2x2 MIMO arrangement? There’s a PCIe Octopack carrier board that accepts as many as eight XTRX Mini PCIe modules (four on each side) creating a 16x16 MIMO SDR and you can synchronize multiple Octopack boards to create massive-MIMO configurations.




Fairwaves XTRX SDR Module Octopack.jpg 


Fairwaves’ XTRX 2x2 MIMO SDR Module Octopack




More information about the XTRX is available on the Crowd Supply project page.



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