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Four free training videos (two hour's worth) on using Xilinx SDAccel to create apps for Amazon AWS EC2 F1 instances

Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
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Earlier this week at San Jose State University (SJSU), Jim Hogan, one of Silicon Valley’s most successful venture capitalists, gave a talk on the disruptive effects that cognitive science and AI are already having on society. In a short portion of that talk, Hogan discussed how he and one of his teams developed the world’s most experienced lung-cancer radiologist—an AI app—for $75:


  • US Center for Disease Control lung imaging database--$25
  • Cloud storage for the 4Tbyte data base--$25
  • Time for training the AI using the CDC database using Amazon’s AWS--$25


Hogan’s trained AI radiologist can look at lung images and find possibly cancerous tumors based on thousands of cases in the CDC database. However, said Hogan, the US Veterans Administration has a database with millions of cases. Yes, his team used that database for training too.


Hogan predicted that something like 25 million AI apps like his lung-cancer-specific radiologist will be developed over the next few years. His $75 example is meant to prove the cost feasibility of developing that many useful apps.


Hogan made me a believer.


In a related connection to AWS app development, Xilinx has just posted four training videos showing you how to develop FPGA-accelerated apps using Xilinx’s SDAccel on Amazon’s AWS EC2 F1 instance. That’s nearly two hours of free training available at your desk. (For more information on the AWS EC2 F1 instance, see “SDAccel for cloud-based application acceleration now available on Amazon’s AWS EC2 F1 instance” and “AWS makes Amazon EC2 F1 instance hardware acceleration based on Xilinx Virtex UltraScale+ FPGAs generally available”.)



Here are the videos:

















Note: You can watch Jim Hogan’s 90-minute presentation at SJSU by clicking here.


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