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IIC to present free Webinar on The Industrial Internet Security Framework and Security Testbed—January 26

by Xilinx Employee on ‎01-20-2017 11:45 AM (43,639 Views)


The IIC (Industrial Internet Consortium) announced its first security assessment-focused testbed for Industrial IoT (IIoT) systems, the Security Claims Evaluation Testbed, in February 2016. This testbed provides an open, highly configurable cybersecurity platform for evaluating the security capabilities of endpoints, gateways, and other networked components. Data sources to the testbed can include industrial, automotive, medical, and other related endpoints.


IIC member companies have developed a common security framework and an approach to assessing cybersecurity in IIoT systems: the Industrial Internet Security Framework (IISF). The IIC’s Security Claims Testbed helps manufacturers improve the security posture of their products and verify alignment to the IISF prior to product launch, which helps shorten time to market.


If you’d like to hear about these topics in more detail, the IIC is presenting a free 1-hour Webinar on January 26. (Available later, on demand.) Register here.


Here’s a graphic depicting the IIC’s Security Claims Evaluation Testbed:



IIC Security Claims Testbed.jpg 



Note: Xilinx is one of the lead member companies involved in the development of the IIC Security Claims Testbed—others include Aicas, GlobalSign, Infineon, Real-Time Innovations, and UL (Underwriters Laboratories)—and if you look at the above graphic, you’ll see the SoC-e Gateway in the middle of everything. This gateway is based on a Xilinx Zynq SoC. For more information about the SoC-e IIoT Gateway, see “Intelligent Gateways Make a Factory Smarter” and “Big Data Analytics + High Availability Network = IIoT: SoC-e demo at Embedded World 2016.”