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Megatrends and the Xilinx Corporate Transformation—The Corporate Video

Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
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If you look at what’s happening with Moore’s Law (just read any article about the topic during the last two years), you see that systems design is being forced to make use of All Programmable devices at an increasing rate because of the enormous NRE costs associated with roll-your-own ASICs at 16nm, 10nm, and below. Companies still need the differentiation afforded by custom hardware to boost product margins in their competitive, global marketplaces, but they need to get it in a different way.


Nowhere is that more true than in the six Megatrends that Xilinx has identified:




These Megatrends drive the future of the electronics industry—and they drive Xilinx’s future as well. Xilinx has made a slick, 4-minute video discussing these trends: