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Need to lower your system design BOM costs? Download this newly revised White Paper for some help

Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
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WP460, “Reducing System BOM Cost with Xilinx's Cost-Optimized Portfolio,” was recently updated. This White Paper contains a wealth of helpful information if you’re trying to cut manufacturing costs in your system. Updates to the White Paper include new information about new Spartan-7 FPGA family and Zynq Z-7000S SoCs with single-core Arm Cortex-A9 processors that run at clock rates as fast as 766MHz. Both of these Xilinx device families help drive BOM costs down while still delivering plenty of system performance—just what you’d expect from Xilinx All Programmable devices.


The White Paper also contains additional information about new MicroBlaze soft microprocessor presets, which you can read about in the new MicroBlaze Quick Start Guide. You can drop a 32-bit RISC MicroBlaze soft processor into any current Xilinx device very efficiently. The microcontroller preset version of the MicroBlaze processor consumes fewer than 2000 logic cells, yet runs at a much higher clock rate than most low-cost microcontrollers. There’s plenty of performance there when you need it.




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