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New GigE Hyperspectral camera based on FPGA vision platform images 16 spectral bands from 470nm to 630nm

by Xilinx Employee on ‎07-14-2016 09:37 AM (54,497 Views)


The MV1-D2048x1088-HS03-96-G2 GigE hyperspectral camera from Photonfocus images 2048x1088-pixel video at 42fps in 16 spectral bands from 470nm to 630nm (the blue through orange part of the visible spectrum) using an IMEC snapshot mosaic CMV2K-SM4X4-470-630-VIS CMOS hyperspectral image sensor. The camera images each spectral band at 512X256 pixels. This new Photonfocus GigE hyperspectral video camera complements the Photonfocus MV1-D2048x1088-HS02-96-G2 GigE hyperspectral video camera introduced last year, which images the 600nm to 975nm part of the visible spectrum in 25 spectral bands. (See “Hyperspectral GigE video cameras from Photonfocus see the unseen @ 42fps for diverse imaging applications.”)



Photonfocus MV1-D2048x1088-HS03-96-G2 GigE hyperspectral camera and sensor.jpg


Photonfocus MV1-D2048x1088-HS03-96-G2 GigE hyperspectral video camera and IMEC image sensor




Here’s a spectral sensitivity plot for this new hyperspectral camera:




Photonfocus MV1-D2048x1088-HS03-96-G2 GigE hyperspectral camera spectral plot.jpg


Photonfocus MV1-D2048x1088-HS03-96-G2 GigE hyperspectral video camera spectral sensitivity plot



Not coincidentally, the new Photonfocus hyperspectral camera is based on a Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA vision platform—the same vision platform the company developed and used in last year’s MV1-D2048x1088-HS02-96-G2 GigE hyperspectral video camera. The FPGA-based platform gives the company maximum ability to adapt to new image sensor types as they appear. The Spartan-6 FPGA allows the engineers at Photonfocus to more easily adapt to radically different sensor types with different pin-level interfaces, bit-level interface protocols, and overall image-processing requirements.


Here, the requirements of the 16-band hyperspectral image sensor versus a 25-band hyperspectral image sensor clearly require significantly different image processing. Using an FPGA-based platform like the one based on a Spartan-6 FPGA that Photonfocus is using allows you to turn new products quickly and to capitalize on developments such as the introduction of new image sensors. This latest camera in the growing line of Photonfocus cameras is proof.


Contact Photonfocus for information about these GigE hyperspectral cameras.