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P4 Consortium’s new packet-processing programming language takes SDN beyond table-driven OpenFlow

Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
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P4 Language Consortium Logo.jpgSDx Central’s just-published article “P4 Language Aims to Take SDN Beyond OpenFlow” reports on the new P4 open-source, data-plane programming language from the just-launched P4 Language Consortium, started by Jennifer Rexford and Nick McKeown. While OpenFlow is a table-driven method for describing and programming packet processing, P4 is a programming language, which provides more flexible ways of controlling networking equipment.


Professor Rexford, from Princeton University, has been involved with the Open Networking Foundation since its early days. McKeown, a professor at Stanford University, helped birth the OpenFlow protocol and sparked the current groundswell of SDN developments.


Xilinx is an industry member of the P4 Language Consortium.