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Samtec demos 56Gbps PAM4 signaling across a 14-slot backplane—all driven by a Xilinx 56Gbps test chip—at DesignCon 2018

Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
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Xilinx demonstrated its 56Gbps PAM4 SerDes test chip nearly a year ago (See “3 Eyes are Better than One for 56Gbps PAM4 Communications: Xilinx silicon goes 56Gbps for future Ethernet”) and this week at DesignCon 2018 in Santa Clara, Samtec used that chip to demo its high-speed ExaMAX backplane connectors on working on an actual backplane. The demo setup included a Xilinx board with the PAM4 test chip driving a pair of coaxial cables connected to a paddle card plugged into one end of a backplane, which was populated with 14 ExaMAX connectors. A second paddle card at the other end received the PAM4 signals and conveyed them back to the Xilinx board via a second set of coaxial cables. Here’s a photo of the setup:



Samtec ExaMAX PAM4 56Gbps backplane demo.jpg 




In the following short video, Samtec’s Ralph Page describes the demo and mentions the nice eyes and clear data levels, as seen on the Xilinx demo software screen positioned above the demo boards. He also mentions the BER—5.29x10-8. That’s the error rate before adding the error-reducing capabilities of a FEC, which can drop the error rate by perhaps another ten orders of magnitude or more.


Samtec’s demo points to a foreseeable future where you will be able to develop large backplanes with screamingly fast performance using PAM4 SerDes transceivers.



Here’s the 46-second demo video: