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Samtec introduces 140Gbps Optical FMC module based on two 14Gbps FireFly micro-flyover optical modules

Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
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Perhaps you’ve been intrigued by Samtec’s FireFly optical micro-flyover communications technology—which is capable of carrying as many as ten 14Gbps serial data streams over low-cost optical ribbon cable—but you didn’t want to try out the technology by designing the FireFly sites into a board. Well, Samtec’s just fixed that problem for you by introducing its VITA 57.1-compliant, 14Gbps FireFly FMC Module and Development Kit with 140Gbps of full-duplex bandwidth distributed over two 10-fiber, multi-mode optical ribbon cables connected to two on-board FireFly optical modules that link an FMC HPC connector to an industry-standard, 24-fiber MTP/MPO optical connector. Snap one into an appropriate Xilinx dev board, for example, and you have an instant 140Gbps, full-duplex optical link.



Samtec 140Gbps FireFly Optical FMC Module.jpg


14Gbps FireFly FMC Module with 140Gbps of full-duplex bandwidth




This type of interconnect pairs well, for example, with the 16.3Gbps GTH transceivers found on various Xilinx All Programmable UltraScale devices including Virtex UltraScale, Kintex UltraScale, and Kintex UltraScale+ FPGAs and Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoCs. Dev boards for these devices feature FMC connectors compatible with the 14Gbps FireFly FMC Module.


For more information about the FireFly Optical Flyover system, see:






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