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SiliconSoftware’s VisualApplets image-processing toolkit for Zynq to demo at SPS/IPC Drives in Nuremberg, November 26-28

Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
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Later this month, you can see a fascinating, high-performance, machine-vision toolkit in action at the SPS/IPC Drives conference in Nuremberg. The toolkit, called VisualApplets, is from SiliconSoftware and it’s tailored for the programmable logic (PL) in the Xilinx Zynq All Programmable SoC.  SiliconSoftware’s  VsualApplets is a unique design tool that dramatically simplifies the creation of custom image-processing applications using FPGA hardware with a GUI-driven visual programming language. The fourteen VisualApplet libraries contain more than 200 hardware-based machine-vision operations and more than 60 application examples.


SiliconSoftware’s VisualApplets design tool abstracts away all synchronization and timing challenges. As it states on the VisualApplets data sheet, no VHDL required.


Here’s a simple example of a 2D shading algorithm using SiliconSoftware’s VisualApplets:



SiliconSoftware VisualApplets 2D Shading Example.jpg 




Pretty slick.


If you happen to be going to the SPS/IPC Drives being held in Nuremberg on November 26-28, stop by the Xilinx booth and take a look at SiliconSoftware’s VisualApplets.