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Sparx Engineering user blog details success with Zynq-based Red Pitaya Open Instrument Platform

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Red Pitaya icon.jpgThis blog has covered the Zynq-based Red Pitaya before but this is the first time Xcell Daily is covering the experiences of a Red Pitaya customer—Sparx Engineering in Texas. Red Pitaya is an open-source, reconfigurable instrumentation platform with the ability to become a scope, a spectrum analyzer, a voltmeter, or whatever other mixed-signal device you can imagine—just add code. Your own code or code from the cloud-resident Red Pitaya Bazaar and Back Yard. Just this week, Dustin Reynolds at Sparx Engineering published his first experiences with Red Pitaya in a blog. He writes:


“Since the Red Pitaya has an FPGA and a fully functioning Linux environment, we can take full advantage of the hardware by writing custom VHDL code for very fast response times.  The Red Pitaya has a 16 pin port dedicated for GPIO for the FPGA, which can be used to easily integrate the Red Pitaya with test fixtures for example.”


“We envision leveraging the Red Pitaya in a variety of applications where a simple ARM, FPGA, or PC wouldn’t be sufficient independently.  In the example of an automated PCB test fixture, this platform provides 16 pin GPIO manipulation with 6 channels of oscilloscope measurements with 6 channels of analog outputs.  By utilizing a bit of custom VHDL code for the FPGA, we could quickly exercise a variety of subsystems to determine if a circuit is performing as expected…”


“With the Red Pitaya’s fairly unique architecture, the barrier to high speed analog, digital, and logic manipulation and analysis just became a lot lower. Speed and efficiency is highly valued for the projects we run at Sparx.”


The remainder of this first Sparx Engineering blog post describes Reynolds’ experiences in getting the Red Pitaya’s Ethernet port operating and you might want to read the entire blog post for details.



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