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Tattile’s 12Mpixel S12MP industrial GigE Smart Camera captures 300 frames/sec with Zynq SoC processing help

by Xilinx Employee on ‎02-01-2017 02:57 PM (168,279 Views)


Tattile’s rugged, new S12MP Ultra High Resolution Smart Camera for industrial and machine-vision applications pairs a 12Mpixel CMOSIS CMV12000 image sensor with a Xilinx Zynq Z-7030 SoC to create a compact, high-performance, programmable imaging system capable of capturing 300 12Mpixel, full-resolution frames/sec at 10 bits/pixel (and 140 frames/sec at 12 bits/pixel). The camera can capture partial-resolution video at even higher frame rates under programmatic control of the Zynq SoC. An on-board GigE Vision server streams the captured video to an Ethernet-connected host and an integrated SD card slot permits as much as 32Gbytes of local video storage. The camera takes F-mount lenses, measures only 80x80x60 (without the lens mount), and consumes just 12W from a 12Vdc supply.



Tattile S12MP Ultra High Resolution Smart Camerat.jpg 



The S12MP Ultra High Resolution Smart Camera is the latest in a growing line of Smart Cameras from Tattile. The company has focused on adding intelligence to its latest cameras to help customers reduce overall system costs in a variety of vision applications. To that end, Tattile has exposed the programmable logic inside of the S12MP camera to permit its customers to develop and run custom real-time vision algorithms in the camera itself using the Xilinx Vivado Design Suite. According to Tattile, pushing vision processing to the edge in this manner increases vision-system performance and lowers cost.


For more information about the S12MP Ultra High Resolution Smart Camera, please contact Tattile directly.