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Thinking about attending Sparkfun’s AVC to get that free SDSoC license? You’ll need this code to get $5 early-bird admission

Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
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On Saturday, September 17, you’ll be able to get one of 50 free license vouchers for the Xilinx SDSoC Development Environment, which we’re pre-loading along with Vivado HL on a USB drive so you won’t even need to download the software. (Worth $995!)


Oh yes, we're also giving away five Digilent Zybo Trainer Boards based on the Xilinx Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC worth $189 each.


Where and how?


At the Xilinx Tent in Maker Alley, part of Sparkfun’s 8th annual Autonomous Vehicle Competition (AVC) in Niwot, Colorado. (That’s between Boulder and Longmont if you don’t know about Google Maps.)


There’s one tiny catch. You need an admission ticket to get in.


How much? Early bird AVC tickets are on sale here for $6. Admission at the door on the day of the AVC is $8. That’s a tiny, tiny price for a full day of entertainment watching autonomous vehicles race against time while fighting robots maul or burn each other to a cinder.



Sparkfun AVC Fire tank.jpg



However, there’s a way to knock another buck off the already low, low early bird admission price; there’s the secret discount code: SFEFRIENDS.


See you in Niwot. Wear your asbestos underpants.


For more information about the Sparkfun AVC and the Xilinx SDSoC giveaway, see:








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