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This week, it’s Teardown Thursday at ARM TechCon in Santa Clara. Hope to see you there!

Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
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This week’s ARM TechCon in Santa Clara at the convention center. On Thursday at 11:30am, we’ll be tearing down two very interesting Zynq-based products on the exhibit floor. I suspect you won’t want to miss the event because I know there will be design tips galore revealed during these teardowns.


First, we’ll be pulling the covers off of the National Instruments VirtualBench, a many-instruments-in one-box product. (Something I’ve wanted to do ever since the product was announced a year ago.) The NI VirtualBench incorporates the features of a mixed-signal oscilloscope, function generator, logic analyzer, DMM, programmable dc power supply, and a set of programmable digital I/O control lines in one compact package that won’t consume very much bench space. It uses either a PC or a Tablet as its user interface.


 NI Virtual Bench Photo.jpg


National Instruments VirtualBench



The second product we’ll open up is the Cloudium Integrated Media Processing Platform, a fanless video compression/decompression box designed to move HD video and audio bidirectionally through the Internet and through the cloud with maximum efficiency. The box we’ll be opening up is called the Cloudium Systems Zero Client and the Zynq SoC inside the box provides flexibility that allows users to upgrade to new protocols easily without opening the box. But we’re going to open it anyway.



Cloudium Systems Zero Client.jpg 

Cloudium Systems Zero Client