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Vadatech’s AMC584 module defines high-speed I/O. Its front panel has five 100GbE ports—and that’s just for starters

Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
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Quite simply, Vadatech’s AMC584 module is an I/O monster. Its immense I/O capabilities start with the five QSFP28 100GbE-capable cages on the module’s front panel. Then there are the AMC Tongues. AMC Tongue 1 is fully routed with SerDes ports and there are as many as 20 lanes routed to Tongue 2. The AMC584 also contains a high-speed Zone 3 connector that provides the primary digital I/O routing and enables multi-module configurations.


The SerDes ports on these boards are all implemented in a Xilinx Virtex UltraScale+ XCVU13P FPGA, which is itself an I/O monster. It has 128 on-chip GTY 32.75Gbs SerDes transceivers, so it makes an ideal foundation for an I/O monster board.


Here’s a block diagram of the Vadatech AMC584 module:



Vadatech AMC584 Block Diagram.jpg 


Vadatech AMC584 Module Block Diagram




Now, before you get the idea that the Virtex UltraScale+ XCVU13P FPGA is just I/O, please understand that there are also 3780K system logic cells, 12,288 DSP48E2 slices, 94.5Mbits of BRAM, and 360Mbits of UltraRAM on the device as well, so it’s a DSP monster and a processing monster too. The Virtex UltraScale+ XCVU13P FPGA is capable of implementing just about any system you might imagine.


And just in case the hundreds of Mbits of SRAM on the Virtex UltraScale+ XCVU13P FPGA aren’t sufficient for your processing needs, the AMC584 module also has two banks of DDR4 SDRAM on board.



Vadatech AMC584.jpg 


Vadatech AMC584 Module




Please contact Vadatech directly for more information about the AMC584 Module.





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