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Want to see real-time image classification from streaming video using deep-learning neural networks? Here’s a demo

Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
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This week at the Embedded Vision Summit, Teradeep demonstrated real-time video classification from streaming video using its deep-learning neural network IP running on a Xilinx Kintex-7 FPGA, the same FPGA fabric you find in a Zynq Z-7045 SoC. Image-search queries run in data center servers usually use CPUs and GPUs, which consume a lot of power. Running the same algorithms on a properly configured FPGA can reduce the power consumption by 3x-5x according to Vinayak Gokhale, a hardware engineer at TeraDeep, who was running the following demo in the Xilinx booth at the event:






Note that this demo can classify the images using as many as 40 categories simultaneously without degrading the real-time performance.