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Welcome to the new and to six powerful, world-changing Megatrends

Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
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If you visited today, you will have noticed a very different representation of Xilinx. The Web site change represents Xilinx’s latest step forward in an ongoing corporate transformation into a new era of offerings. The change also brings focus on six key “Megatrends” that are changing the world we live in:





Xilinx participates in all of these Megatrends and you’ll find a substantial amount of new material about them in the redesigned Web site. You’ll also discover a significant amount of new information about the design and development solutions that are uniquely Xilinx, based on the company’s All Programmable (hardware, software, I/O programmability) device technology (FPGAs, SoCs, and MPSoCs) and a combination of industry-standard and unique software tools in the growing SDx family of development environments that support rapid, high-level development using Xilinx devices.


You will also discover extensive and intensely interesting coverage of these Megatrends in the latest, just-published edition of Xcell Journal. Click here to read the new edition of Xcell Journal online or here to download the PDF.


Note: If you usually access the Xcell Daily blog using the link on the home page, it has moved. You’ll now find it under the “About” drop-down tab at the top of every Web page on So no matter where you are on the site, Xcell Daily is just a couple of clicks away.