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XIMEA adds 8K imaging to its line of xiB PCIe cameras using CMOSIS CMV50000 sensor

Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
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XIMEA has announced an 8K version of its existing xiB series of PCIe embedded-vision cameras. The new camera, called the CB500, incorporates a CMOSIS CMV50000 sensor with 47.6Mpixel (7920x6004) resolution at 12bit conversion depth. The camera is available in either color or monochrome version and can stream 30fps at 8bits/pixel transport mode (22fps at 12bits/pixel transport mode). Both cameras employ a 20Gbps PCIe Gen2 x4 system interface.




Ximea XiB PCIe Camera.jpg 



Ximea 8K, 47.6Mpixel CB500 xiB embedded-vision camera with PCIe interface



Like many of its cameras, the XIMEA CM500 relies on the programmability of a Xilinx FPGA to accommodate the different interface needs and processing requirements of the sensors and interfaces in its cameras. In the case of the CM500, the FPGA is an Artix-7 A75T.



For information about the XIMEA CM500 8K camera, please contact XIMEA directly.



For more information about other XIMEA embedded-vision cameras based on Xilinx all Programmable devices, see:







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