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Xilinx will be at the Sparkfun Autonomous Vehicle Competition, September 17. Will you? Let us know!

Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
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Xilinx will be attending this year’s Sparkfun AVC (Autonomous Vehicle Competition) in Colorado on September 17. Haven’t heard about the Sparkfun AVC? Incredibly, this is its eighth year and there are four different competitions this year:


  • Classic—A land-based speed course for autonomous vehicles weighing less than 25 pounds. Beware the discombobulator and avoid the ball pit of despair!
  • PRS—Power racing series based on the battery-powered kiddie ride-‘em toys
  • A+PRS—The autonomous version of the PRS competition
  • Robot Combat Arena—Ant-weight and beetle-weight robots fight to the death. Note: Fire is allowed. "We like fire."


Sparkfun’s AVC is taking place in the Sparkfun parking lot. Sparkfun is located in beautiful Niwot, Colorado. Where’s that? On the Diagonal halfway between Boulder and Longmont, of course.


Haven’t heard of Sparkfun? They’re an online electronics retailer at the epicenter of the maker movement. Sparkfun’s Web site is chock full of tutorials and just-plain-weird videos for all experience levels from beginner to engineer. I’m a regular viewer of the company’s Friday new-product videos. Also a long-time customer.


Xilinx will be exhibiting an embedded-vision demo in Maker’s Alley tent at AVC this year because Xilinx All Programmable devices like the Zynq-7000 SoC and Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC give you a real competitive advantage when developing a quick, responsive autonomous vehicle.


If you are entering this year’s AVC and are using Xilinx All Programmable devices in your vehicle, please let me know in the comments below or come to see us in the tent at the event. We want to help make you famous for your effort!


Here’s an AVC video from Sparkfun to give you a preview of the AVC:




Here's the PRS video:



And here's the Robot Combat video:


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