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Xilinx wins Light Reading’s Leading Lights Award for Outstanding Components Vendor to the Network and Comms industry

Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
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Light Reading, a leading online publication for the network and communications industry, has just presented Xilinx with a 2015 Leading Lights award for Outstanding Components Vendor at an awards dinner held in Chicago on June 8 in conjunction with this week’s Big Telecom Event.


There’s a very big reason that explains why Xilinx won this award.


Equipped with the right IP and software, Xilinx All Programmable FPGAs and SoCs can implement single-chip systems, replacing ASSPs and ASICs entirely. This capability is critical in leading-edge applications where shipping volumes have not yet become—and may never become—sufficiently large to attract the ASSP vendors or to justify the NRE associated with cutting-edge, nanometer ASIC development.


This is precisely the current situation for networking products that implement 100G and 400G Ethernet and other equally high-speed networking protocols including OTN.


Quite simply, there is no better way to implement these products—especially with the introduction of the latest Xilinx 20nm UltraScale and 16nm UltraScale+ devices.


The impact of the Xilinx All Programmable device portfolio on the development of Smarter Networks based on next-generation networking and communications systems is most visible in emerging applications including SDN and NFV, data-center compute acceleration, storage, and high-speed wired communications including Nx100G Ethernet and >400G OTN, 4G and pre-5G wireless radios, and wireless backhaul. Xilinx’s innovation in this space is apparent: Xilinx is the only company delivering a single-chip solution for 500G OTN transponders and 2x100G OTN switching applications with fully validated reference designs.


Further, Xilinx, Huawei, and Spirent have demonstrated a prototype 400G Ethernet core router, based on Xilinx's high-end FPGAs. (See “Huawei and Xilinx unveil prototype 400GE Core Router at OFC 2104. FPGAs do the heavy lifting.”) This is the first prototype system to validate 400G Ethernet technology, which is still in its pre-standards phase. When standards are in flux, as they are here, Xilinx All Programmable devices are especially useful in getting early products to market. In addition, JDSU and IXIA have announced 400G Ethernet test systems based on Xilinx technology. (See “JDSU 400G Ethernet test platform at OFC 2015 based on Xilinx 20nm UltraScale devices”, “Single-chip 100G and 400G demos at next week’s OFC 2015 highlight UltraScale FPGA and Xilinx IP networking capabilities”, and “Xilinx and Ixia present 400GE and 25GE testing solutions at OFC 2015” for more information.)


Xilinx owns 100% of the 400G Ethernet platforms announced to date.


The Leading Lights awards are the telecom industry's most prestigious awards program and focus on next-generation communications technologies, applications, services, and strategies. Xilinx won the 2015 Leading Lights award for Outstanding Components Vendor out of a field of seven finalists in the category.


For more detailed information on Xilinx and Smarter Networks, see “A Generation Ahead: SMARTER NETWORKS.”