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Zynq-based, open-source Red Pitaya instrumentation platform jumps from Kickstarter to mass market

Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
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Zynq-based Red Pitaya is an open-source, reconfigurable instrumentation platform with the ability to become a scope, a spectrum analyzer, a voltmeter, or whatever other mixed-signal device you can imagine—just add code. Your own code or code from the cloud-resident Red Pitaya Bazaar and Back Yard. The Red Pitaya is the brainchild of an experienced team of instrumentation engineers in Slovenia (that’s just to the right of Italy on the map if you are geographically challenged). Red Pitaya started as a Kickstarter project last year and blew past its $50K funding goal by 5x by the time the pledge period ended. In case you don’t recall or didn’t see the original Xcell Daily blog about the Red Pitaya, here’s an image of it with detailed specs:



Red Pitaya Open Instrumentation Platform small.jpg 



Here’s a video with more explanation:





Now that the Red Pitaya has been funded and is shipping, the Red Pitaya organization has decided to market the product through distribution and has selected RS Components to sell the product, where it will become available as a commercial product later this year.