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Deloitte Global predicts bright future for FPGAs in the Machine Learning market with sales of “at least” 200K FPGAs in 2018. Xilinx is ready. Are you?

by Xilinx Employee on ‎01-25-2018 10:43 AM (18,009 Views)


In a new report titled “Hitting the accelerator: the next generation of machine-learning chips,” Deloitte Global predicted that “by the end of 2018, over 25 percent of all chips used to accelerate machine learning in the data center will be FPGAs and ASICs.” The report then continues: “These new kinds of chips should increase dramatically the use of ML, enabling applications to consume less power and at the same time become more responsive, flexible and capable, which is likely to expand the addressable market.” And later in the Deloitte Global report:


“There will also be over 200,000 FPGA and 100,000 ASIC chips sold for ML applications.”


“…the new kinds of chips may dramatically increase the use of ML, enabling applications to use less power and at the same time become more responsive, flexible and capable, which is likely to expand the addressable market…”


And finally:


“Total 2018 FPGA chip volume for ML would be a minimum of 200,000. The figure is almost certainly going to be higher, but by exactly how much is difficult to predict.”



These sorts of statements are precisely why Xilinx has rapidly expanded its software offerings for machine-learning development from the edge to the cloud. That includes the reVISION stack for developing responsive and reconfigurable vision systems and the Reconfigurable Acceleration stack for developing and deploying platforms at cloud scale.


Check out the Xilinx Machine Learning Web page for more in-depth information.












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