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PCIe XMC module couples 160Msamples/sec dual ADC and 1200Msamples/sec dual DAC, 1Gbyte of DDR3 SDRAM, Artix-7 FPGA

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Innovative Integration’s XA-160M PCIe XMC module suits applications that require high-speed data acquisition and real-time signal processing. The module provides two 16-bit TI ADC16DV160 160Msamples/sec ADCs for high-speed analog input signals and an Analog Devices AD9122 16-bit dual DAC capable of operating at 1200Msamples/sec for driving high-speed analog outputs. The ADCs and DACs are coupled to a Xilinx Artix-7 XC7A200T FPGA (that’s the largest member of the Artix-7 device family with 215,360 logic cells and 740 DSP48 slices). The FPGA also manages 1Gbyte of on-board DDR3 SDRAM and implements PCIe Gen2 x4 and Aurora interfaces for the XMC module’s P15 and P16 connectors respectively. You can use the uncommitted programmable logic on the Artic-7 FPGA for high-speed, real-time signal processing.




Innovative Integration XA-160M XMC Module.jpg


Innovative Integration’s XA-160M PCIe XMC Module




Here’s a block diagram that makes everything clear:



Innovative Integration XA-160M XMC Module Block Diagram.jpg



Innovative Integration’s XA-160M PCIe XMC Module Block Diagram




Innovative Integrations suggest that you might want to consider using the XA-160M PCIe XMC Module for:



  • Stimulus/response measurements
  • High-speed servo controls
  • Arbitrary Waveform Generation
  • Optical Servo
  • Medical Scanning



You can customize the logic implemented in the Artix-7 FPGA using VHDL and MathWorks’ MATLAB using the company’s FrameWork Logic toolset. The MATLAB BSP supports real-time, hardware-in-the- loop development using the graphical Simulink environment along with the Xilinx System Generator for DSP, which is part of the Xilinx Vivado Design Suite.


Please contact Innovative Integrations directly for more information about the XA-160M PCIe XMC Module.



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