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TSMC, ARM, Cadence, Xilinx plan 7nm CCIX test chip for 2018. Terrific! Great! Um, what’s CCIX again?

by Xilinx Employee on ‎09-11-2017 10:47 AM (25,701 Views)


ARM, Cadence, TSMC, and Xilinx have announced a collaboration to develop a CCIX (Cache Coherent Interconnect for Accelerators) test chip in TSMC’s 7nm FinFET process technology with a 2018 completion date. The test chip will demonstrate multiple ARM CPUs, CMN-600 coherent on-chip bus, and foundation IP communicating to other chips including Xilinx’s Virtex UltraScale+ FPGAs over the coherent, 25Gbps CCIX fabric. Cadence is supplying the CCIX controller and PHY IP for the test chip as well as PCIe Gen 4, DDR4 PHY, and Peripheral IP blocks. In addition, Cadence verification and implementation tools are being used to design and build the test chip. According to the announced plan, the test chip tapes out early in the first quarter of 2018, with silicon availability expected in the second half of 2018.


You can’t understand the importance of this announcement if you aren’t fully up to speed on CCIX, which Xcell Daily has discussed a few times in the recent past.


CCIX simplifies the design of offload accelerators for hyperscale data centers by providing low-latency, high-bandwidth, fully coherent access to server memory. The specification employs a subset of full coherency protocols and is ISA-agnostic, meaning that the specification’s protocols are independent of the attached processors’ architecture and instruction sets. Full coherency is unique to the CCIX specification. It permits accelerators to cache processor memory and processors to cache accelerator memory.


CCIX is designed to provide coherent interconnection between server processors and hardware accelerators, memory, and among hardware accelerators as shown below:



CCIX Configurations.jpg


Sample CCIX Configurations



The CCIX Consortium announced Release1 of the CCIX spec a little less than a year ago. CCIX Consortium members Xilinx and Amphenol FCI demonstrated a CCIX interface operating at 25Gbps using two Xilinx 16nm UltraScale+ devices through an Amphenol/FCI PCI Express CEM connector and a trace card earlier this year.


As the CCIX Consortium’s Web site says:


“CCIX simplifies the development and adoption by extending well-established data center hardware and software infrastructure.  This ultimately allows system designers to seamlessly integrate the right combination of heterogeneous components to address their specific system needs.”


For more information, see these earlier Xcell Daily CCIX blog posts:









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